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San Crispino

San Crispino has been the right combination of experience and dynamism for over 20 years as a fashion and style clothes and footwear shop. This exquisite and colorful boutique, located on the corner of one of Rimini’s most important shopping crossroads, the intersection of Garibaldi Street and Sigismondo Street, sells the greatest brands of the time for clothing, footwear, leather products¬†and accessories. Ash, Saint Tropez, Michael Kors, Gianni Chiarini, Campomaggi, Maliparmi, Hope, and Le Fabien are just a few of the many brands available. San Crispino and the Stanza di Crispino are places where research and style are virtuously blended to best fulfill every craving for beauty and originality, with their windows transformed into a single reference of harmonious reflections through which the priceless objects on sale stand out.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 33. Rimini old town centre. Tel + 39 0541 728572

Rimini Style Card:10% discount on footwear (not valid during sales).