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Taddei Casalinghi e Mondani

A place where hospitality is “at home” and “for the home”. In fact, Taddei Casalinghi & Mondani is a well-stocked housewares shop that is now an established point of reference for Rimini customers, offering solutions and ideas for both indoors and outdoors. Since 1990, in front of the very central Covered Market, with its colourful windows, changing with the passing of the seasons, Taddei Casalinghi & Mondani offers a wide range of high-end and design items: from pots and pans of the best Italian and European brands, to Christmas decorations, from very original gift ideas, to nice and refined party favours, items, potteries and glassware. And again: trendy water bottles, complete sets for outdoor picnics, essences and high quality dispensers. As the famous quote at Taddei Casalinghi & Mondani says, there, you will find all the objects and tools that bring “happiness at the table and in the kitchen”.

Michele Rosa Street, 19. Rimini Covered Market Area. Tel.+390541 337355

Rimini Style Card: 10% discount for holders.