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Parco del Mare (Sea Park): the new waterfront reflects the holistic concept of wellness

Many green zones, sports areas, bicycle and pedestrian paths, dunes, Adriatic vegetation, outdoor gyms, sea forests and fountain-trees inspired by the writer Gianni Rodari. This is the new sea park “Parco del Mare di Rimini”, a new interpretation of outdoor life according to the vision of holistic wellness.

Rimini changes itself to meet the new demands of the sport & leisure business with the great project of seaside regeneration, which, step by step, is transforming the 16 kilometers of the waterfront.

Parco del Mare

The work, partly completed, started from the two ends of the waterfront, and has already changed the districts of Marina Centro and Miramare. In the northern districts of Torre Pedrera and Rivabella, the work on the new waterfront is already finished: over 6 km of waterfront dotted with many “community squares”, small social spaces where to find workstations with sea view equipped with tools and high tables that can be used for remote working, and relaxation lounges with armchairs and small tables to feel at home while sitting outdoors.

The new “fitness islands” are also ready: outdoor sports centers dedicated to physical activity and wellness that will be part of the new south waterfront. The fitness islands are divided in two categories: functional areas with sports equipment suitable for a wide range of athletes and calisthenics areas for the most trained sports people. In the fitness islands you will find in addition plyo jump boxes, pull up bars, gym ladders, gym rings and other equipment for various kinds of workouts.

The new waterfront has the ambition to become a great tourist attraction and is the core of the project “Parco del Mare”, which also involves the redevelopment of the beach and the bathing establishments.

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