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The newest VisitRimini tourism app

You can download the newest VisitRimini tourism app from the iOS and Android app stores. It was developed by VisitRimini and is called Rimini Xperience. Rimini Xperience is a free tool, which greets and guides guests around the town. It leads visitors and informs them about the attractions and activities in and around Rimini, since it is georeferenced. A virtual greeting and tour guide always on hand to offer advice on how to enjoy a holiday in Rimini to the fullest.

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With the added feature of contacting VisitRimini with a single click and discovering the location of the IAT offices, visitors will be able to make direct contact with the staff members who support the city’s tourism seven days a week. The welcoming screen of the app, which was developed in both Italian and English and therefore is downloaded in the default language of the Smartphone, opens before accessing the homepage. Here you will find essential information as well as itineraries, events, activities, restaurants, shopping points and accommodations.

In addition, the IAT contacts and an interactive map of the city with all the points of interest are also located in the permanent bar. In the Itineraries section, there are four itineraries: Federico Fellini, Modern and Contemporary Rimini (which includes not only art but also brand-new urban areas, most notably the Sea Park), From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and the Roman Rimini. A true virtual guide across the city, each itinerary is set up so that users can always see which stage is closest to them.

The purpose of the concise and compelling descriptive content is to give visitors a solid background and stimulate their interest so they can explore the full range of cultural and artistic opportunities that the Rimini of 2022 has to offer. The Events section is sorted by date. The activities scheduled for the city are displayed after choosing the pertinent date. Each event includes a brief description, duration, location and a link to any additional information.

The newest VisitRimini tourism app is a way to get a complete overview of what is happening in the city, in just one click. The Experiences section is organized by theme: art, sport and wellness, biking, villages and castles, theme parks, food and wine, sea and Federico Fellini. When you choose a category, the experience proposals open up and you can purchase them directly. The presence of the experiences in the app communicates to the tourist all the richness of the offer of Rimini and its territory.

The activities affiliated with the Rimini Style Card network and providing card members discounts and benefits are gathered in the section restaurants, venues and shops, which can be consulted by category: Food & drink, Beauty & wellness, Books & shopping and Mobility.

Direct bookings can be made for facilities that are part of the VisitRimini network in the Hotels section. Tourists can take advantage of the fact that they are already in place and quickly arrange a holiday (assuming they downloaded the app from home),  a way of encouraging a return to the city.

The last option in the menu is the Useful Info button, where you can access details on city mobility services, the Carabinieri’s phone numbers, emergency medical services, first aid stations, hospitals and roadside assistance, as well as the frequently sought list of open pharmacies. VisitRimini, which employs its own editorial staff to choose information and update business offers to more closely match demand, regularly refreshes the content of Rimini Xperience.

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