The beach at your disposal every day until 10 p.m., theme parks and usable playgrounds, local restaurants bars and pubs open until late at night, hotels and residences ready for your holiday. Outdoors you can stay without a mask, so you don't need it to run, walk and ride a bike .. and not even to sunbathe
The spacing ensures your security and you need the mask indoors in public places and where the spacing is not practicable.


We provide you with a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions whether you have already booked your holiday or you’re just planning to do it.


Is it safe to come on holiday to Rimini?

#Riminisafedestination! The art of welcoming in Romagna is all over known: we are able to organize ourselves in every situation and to roll up our hands tenaciously to recreate traditional and warm hospitality, because we love our guests. This is in our DNA and Rimini is already ready to give you a real vacation!

Can I already book a holiday in Rimini?

Sure! If you contact us at infoline 054153399 or by email at we will be able to give you all the tips and suggestions to find the right hotel for your holiday. You can also visit our website to check availability and book online.

Is it possible to move for tourism?

From 3 June it is possible to move freely between the Italian regions.


The city is ready to welcome tourists for the summer with all the necessary safety measures: the wide spaces of Rimini already allow us to live the holiday in complete safety, to walk outdoors without a mask and to relax in the sun without it, while always maintaining the correct distances between people. There are also first aid stations, medical guard for tourists during the summer season and a 24-hour telephone health service.
HERE All the information.

The museums, the Visitor Center (Roman Rimini) and the exhibitions are open with contingent entrances to ensure the protection of safety distances. All places will guarantee sanitation measures. To contact the Rimini Museum call 0541 793851.
The accommodation facilities have reopened with all extraordinary disinfection, cleaning and sanitation measures for the health and safety of all according to regional protocols.
The tourist offices of Marina Centro, Stazione and Visitor Center are regularly open and can be contacted on 0541 53399 or by email at The tourist offices guarantee safety and hygiene measures for your health with sanitization programs, with dedicated signs, protective partitions and hand sanitizing gels.


Are the hotels open?

The hotels are open and ready to welcome you in the best possible way, in compliance with the rules to protect you and guarantee maximum safety.
HERE all information on the provision relating to accommodation.

If I book now, do I have to pay the deposit?

The booking conditions and the deposit amounts depend on the individual accommodation facilities. For more information on the deposit and any extensions, please contact the chosen accommodation directly.

I have already booked my holiday, can I cancel the reservation?

If you have booked a holiday and the check-in date is close, we recommend that you contact the property where you booked directly. It will offer you two options:
1. Postpone your stay
2. Cancel your booking and receive a voucher equal to the amount of the deposit paid, which can be used in another period.

What is the deposit refund voucher and how does it work?

In accordance with the provisions of article 88 of decree-law no. 18 of 2020 and article 28 of decree-law no. 9 of 2020, in case of cancellation of the reservation, the deposit paid will not be lost, but will be converted into a voucher of equal value. This means that you can use the voucher to postpone your holidays.

Will the voucher be used only in the facility that issued it?

Normally yes, unless there are different agreements between the tourist and the structure itself.

I booked into a hotel with a pool, it will be usable?

The structures with swimming pool are equipped to confirm the services offered, always respecting and taking care of health for all, following the health directives.

Remember to take advantage of the holiday BONUS valid until 31/12/2020.

The bonus can be used from 1st July to 31st December in the form of an 80% discount given by accommodation facilities, agritourisms and bed and breakfasts, or by tour operators and travel agencies, but only if payment is made in a single solution for a single company and if the payment code of the beneficiary will be in the payment document. The remaining 20% will consist of a deduction on the tax return. Overall, the measure will amount to a maximum of € 500 per family, € 300 if the nucleus is made up of 2 people or € 150 for a single person.


Is it possible to book an umbrella on the beach?

Sure! You can book the umbrella on the beach directly or at the hotel where you stay by email or by phone. Some bathing establishments have agreements with booking APPs including the #yourbeach app

Is Rimini beach safe?

Rimini beach is wide and safe!
Our city has prepared a targeted plan for the 2020 season where everyone's health comes first.The Municipality's ordinance guarantees large spaces for swimmers, up to 18 square meters for each umbrella, a safe space for spending time, an even more welcoming beach to enjoy until late in the evening. The big news is precisely the extension of the opening hours of the bathing establishments, which will allow customers to stay and use the services at least until 10 p.m. We have implemented a rigorous sanitation plan on deckchairs, umbrellas, toilets and common areas. Our city is also plastic free, only compostable materials will be used on the beach. The ban on smoking on the shoreline has been confirmed, a measure designed to ensure the well-being of non-smokers and at the same time reduce the presence of butts on the shoreline.

And for our 4-legged friends?

Bring your faithful friend with you, the beach of Rimini offers bathing establishments prepared and equipped just for them and the possibility of swimming (from 6 to 8 am and from 7 to 9 pm) in water areas delimited by the owners of the establishments that already have areas equipped for animals. Access to beach services and bathing is allowed only to animals registered at the bathing establishment.

Can you use the free beach? How is it organized?

The free beaches are accessible. Information panels, signs, paths highlighted on the sand and walkways on the wider free beaches (in front of Piazzale Boscovich and Bolognese colony), will help swimmers to know and maintain safe behavior. We ask you to keep the distance of at least 5 meters between umbrellas and 1.5 meters between towels and deckchairs of your neighbors, both in avoiding gatherings and keeping at least 1 meter from those who are not part of your family, and if impossible you must wear the mask.
Even while bathing in the sea it is necessary to enforce the ban on gatherings and the spacing of at least one meter away from other swimmers. Beach games and sports activities are allowed only in dedicated spaces and always maintaining interpersonal distancing. Even individual sports that take place on the beach or in the water can be practiced in compliance with the spacing measures. The other two general rules remain valid: the ban on going to the beach in the event of symptoms of respiratory infection or fever and the invitation to frequently sanitize the hands.
The Municipality will provide for daily cleaning and constant sanitation of the restrooms.
Here you can find the safety instructions for the beaches.

Do you have any other questions?

Use the comment space below to send us your questions and we will answer you directly or in this dedicated section.

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From 4 May the measures to contain the Covid-19 emergency of the so-called "phase two" will be in force
Emilia Romagna Region toll-free number, open every day from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
public utility number, active every day 24 hours


Currently, to protect against infection and slow down the spread, the World Health Organization recommends some measures to be taken:

Frequent hygiene
Wash your hands often with soap and water or with alcohol-based sanitizers to 70%. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

Social distance
Avoid crowded places and close contact with other people. Keep the safety distances of at least 1 meter. Avoid handshakes and hugs.

Individual protections
Wear a mask if you have symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or have any contact with people with suspected coronavirus infection.