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Rimini Romagna Land of Art

Rimini is sea, beach, entertainment, music and much more. The ancient Ariminum, is also a city of art with over 22 centuries of history. It's laughter aloud, the "essse" pronounced a bit 'so .. the zeta that sometimes we miss, is the welcoming smile of Romagna peolple , is a stuffed piadina enjoyed in company. Rimini is an ancient heart rediscovered among its Roman remains, it is both a leader who built one of the most famous and evocative castle of the Renaissance and it's also a director become "adjective" for his legend.

Discover Rimini:

Rimini Romana

At the mouth of the river Ariminus, in an area considered already strategic by the Etruscans, the Umbrians, the Greeks, the Piceni and the Gauls, the Romans founded in 268 a.c. the Colony of Latin Law of Ariminum. Like all colonies, Ariminum was considered an independent state, linked to Rome by treaties that regulated trade, defense and foreign relations.

Rimini la Guelfa - From Middle Ages to Renaissance

Rimini, common during the Middle Ages and then the capital of Malatesta lordship in the Renaissance, lived, especially in terms of cultural and artistic view, a thriving heyday. The Malatesta court hosted illustrious artists and writers such as Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti. Some of the most salient symbols of the city, such as the Tempio Malatestiano and Castel Sismondo date back to this historical period.

Rimini from the nineteenth century to today

In 1843, for the first time the Giuseppe Verdi's opera "The Lombards to the First Crusade" was performed at the Scala theater in Milan, the Naval port was built in Ancona and in Rimini was inaugurated the Privileged Baths Establishment , the first bathing establishment that will leave a sign in the history of tourism.

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