Eat and drink are important themes in Romagna! The most important things are quality and staying together ... with friends, family or for work. It is a daily habit for people in Romagna that they also love to share with their guests.

Walking through the streets of our cities and villages you will see many delicatessens where pasta is made strictly by hand with a rolling pin and if you are lucky you will witness the manual skill of an “azdora” that in front of you kneads the flour to make the pasta or the piadina.

On the streets in the morning you can smell the bread of our bakers, made in many different ways, to be stuffed with succulent meats and cheeses.
The air in Romagna smells of many good things: of sea, of hot sand, of homemade pasta, of sauce, of good red wine, of freshly caught fish and of 'rustida' of blue fish, of grassy and cultivated fields , of millenary stones, of small villages of other times.

Don’t forget restaurants, bars and wine cellars where perfumes explode in a thousand ways and perspectives and where you can have fun discovering their secrets and recipes while "tasting" genuine and local food. Above all in Romagna at the base of everything we have the inimitable hospitality!


Red wine can’t miss on Romagna tables. The best known wine is the 'Sanzves' (Sangiovese) which reminds the spirit of the people in Romagna: a frank and rough character and at the same time delicate and open. Among the wines of the Romagna tradition we can’t forget the “Cagnina”. This wine has been known since the Byzantine times and the name seems to come from the slightly harsh characteristics of this ancient grape variety, which was said to bite the palate. There is no autumn festival in Romagna where wine is not offered, sweet and a little sparkling or straight and rough. Wine means for us joy, company and always a toast to good life! For lovers of good wine or only for those who are curious to taste good flavors, don’t miss to discover how our wine is produced in Romagna! Book your wine experience in a winery of the “Strada dei Vini e Sapori di Romagna” or a wine trekking.



In Romagna, from the Villanovan age to the Middle Age and beyond, many sources testify the presence of the olive tree in Romagna and the importance of olive oil in the rural economy. The olive tree is grown on the hills of the Marecchia, Marano and Conca valleys. Harvesting takes place between the 20th October and 15th December every year. The characteristics of the Rimini oil are the yellow color with very intense green reflections, the light fruity smell and the medium sweet taste, not excessively full-bodied and very appreciable.The experience of olive harvest means to come back to the land that makes us understand that its gifts are all we need! In Romagna we often start our lunches and dinners with a good “bruschetta” with good bread and oil. Anything else is not important! In our 'Experience in the oil mill' you will see, listen, taste and discover this great tradition!



You say piadina, piada, 'pieda', and you immediately think of Romagna! Wherever you are and wherever you live piadina is a name known all over the world! Since 2014 it has obtained the IGP designation. Whether you like it thin as that of Rimini or whether you like it thick as that of Cesena, 3 are the main ingredients: water, flour and salt... the simplicity of good things! You can't come to Romagna without tasting and learning how to make the piadina! We will organize you a special cooking class with the “azdora”: in a beautiful country house, with the typical Romagna 'azdora' (one of our grandmothers who still pass on the value of real and good things) and all the tools to prepare the real piadina. Or just sit down, watch the sea or the green of the trees and enjoy your piadina with the tasting menu and take home.



Italy is the country of homemade pasta and Rimini keeps high the tradition: Tagliatelle, pappardelle, cappelletti, gnocchi, ravioli, garganelli, strozzapreti are some of our excellent traditional dishes that are still cooked and eaten on Romagna's tables every day! In many restaurants and farmhouses you can choose your favorite combination between pasta and sauce and also order two or three times! Here is the race for those who can stop! In Romagna everyone can become or feel like a chef for one day and learn the tricks of this 'culinary art'! If you want to accept the challenge, book our cooking class or our cooking course in a local historical house. Lern the skill, you will never know when you might need it..but we know will need it!



"Squacquerone" is the most delicious soft cheese in Romagna and it comes from the rural culture. The piadina with ham, squacquerone and rocket is a must! In Romagna we have also another ancient cheese tradition: that of the“Formaggio di Fossa” (Fossa- cheese). Historical documents tell that as early as 1255 in the territories of the Malatesta family it was used to bury cheese in the pits, perhaps to protect it from predators. Once unearthed the cheese had changed characteristics and the product obtained liked so much that since then, in the pits of Sogliano and Talamello it is used to bury the cheese at the end of August and then unearth it on November 25,on the day of Santa Caterina. If cheeses are your passion, you can't really miss our experiences! Come and visit with us factories where these delicious cheeses are produced and where you can also improvise yourself a cheese maker for a day!



Another typical dish of the Romagna cuisine is the blue fish: mackerel, red mullet, shrimps, sardines, mallets and the legendary “saraghina”. Farming families, especially on Fridays, were used to buy the “saraghine” and to cook them on the “testo” of the piadina. The fish was just rinsed in the water, dried and floured. Then, with a toothpick three fishes, even five, were attached by the tail as to form the fingers of a hand and placed on a red-hot pan with some grains of coarse salt below. The “saraghina” was turned and turned again and in a few minutes it was cooked.This is one of the symbols of the Romagna cuisine, so strong that Federico Fellini also called “saraghina” one of his characters in his film "8 e 1/2". For us it is the grilled fish to eat with friends, to enjoy on the beach, during festivals or to taste in the piadina with salad and onion. Try our tasting menu of Romagna fish.


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A holiday dedicated to the discovery of land products and traditions. A meeting with authentic people, our producers, who cultivate and love our land, who transform our hills making them beautiful. You will discover ancient recipes from our “azdora” and suddenly you will be surprised to be a master of the Romagna cuisine, all with .. lots of fun!

• 2 nights in hotel in bed and breakfast
• 1 cooking class with the Romagna “azdora”
• 1 oil or wine tasting

from € 149.00


A group of chefs, a new life to the kitchen, a chance to meet, to discover places, to entertain and to grow culture in the space we live. Romagna Osteria is a trip in food and senses to discover the secrets of landscapes and the magic of Romagna. Not only high-level dinners but real experiences.

• 3 nights in hotel in bed and breakfast
• 1 Romagna Osteria dinner
• 1 piadina tasting
• 1 wine tasting bike tour

from € 285.00