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TTG Travel Experience

from 09/10/2024 to 11/10/2024
Back to the Rimini Expo Centre from 09 to 11 October for its 61st edition is the Italian event of reference for the promotion of world tourism in Italy and the marketing of the Italian tourism offer in the world: TTG Travel Experience.

TTG Travel Experience represents the reference event for the promotion of world tourism in Italy. This high-profile event attracts operators from all over the world and the main players in the tourism industry, creating an environment full of opportunities and synergies.

The event, which takes place over three intense days, is a real meeting point for tourism industry professionals. It brings together tourism boards, tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, transport, accommodation, tourism services, technology and innovative solutions. The diversity of participants creates a dynamic environment where it is possible to establish new partnerships, exchange ideas and knowledge, and discover the latest trends and innovations in the world of tourism.

TTG Travel Experience is a real laboratory of ideas for tour operators from all over the world. Participants can catch new trends and innovations, discover new tourism format and understand the expectations and needs of the modern consumers. This event offers a unique platform to explore the future of the tourism industry and to adapt to changing market dynamics.

TTG Travel Experience is an inexhaustible source of information: through workshops, conferences and meetings, participants can discover and learn about valuable information and knowledge on key topics of world tourism.

To sum up, TTG Travel Experience is a synonym of tourism. The most influential professionals of the industry attend this event and contribute to create a dynamic and stimulating environment. Do not miss the chance to talk to tourism operators, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and connect with global industry leaders.

TTG includes in a marketplace:
ITALIA: is the area that represents the biggest marketplace for Italian tourism in the world.
GLOBAL VILLAGE: is the area where tour operators and companies offer tourism products and services to the distribution network.
THE WORLD: is the area where you can find the main international tourist destinations that are interested in developing business with intermediaries of the tourism product.

The event is part of The Italian Marketplace for Travel&Hospitality and represents the all-Italian quality response to an evolving international demand. It is a new strategic business development model, that put together 3 important community of the tourism industry: TG Travel Experience, SIA Hospitality Design and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style.

TTG Travel Experience embraces also BeActive: a project inaugurated in 2019 within the Italy area. BeActive offers a personalized approach to the holiday becuase it considers the consumer’s needs. There are several proposals, from sports tourism to slow, naturalistic and sustainable tourism, creating a tailor-made offer for destination Italy.

TTG Travel Experience offers various business opportunities:
Speed Date: A special occasion both for sellers from the ITALIA area and international buyers to meet and close deals.
Business Matching: An opportunity to connect international destinations in THE WORLD area with the Italian distribution network. This activity encourages the promotion of international destinations for the Italians.
Agenda Appuntamenti: This service is dedicated only to the exhibitors of the ITALIA area to organize meetings with international buyers. This allows to establish valuable contacts and expand one’s business network.

When: from 09 to 11 October 2024
Where: Rimini Expo Centre, Via Emilia, 155 – Rimini
Entrance: reserved to operators

Info and programme: click here

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