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Piada & Cassoni Dalla Lella Via Rimembranze

Every town in Romagna has its own version of the piadina, but the original piada from Rimini and for the Rimini people is the one of Della Lella. The one in Viale Rimembranze is the first historic piadina shop opened by the legendary Lella in 1986, when the piada was only the one with ham, while the cassoni were either red with tomato sauce or green with herbs. And in fact, in the piadina shop in the Rimembranze Street, you can still breathe the air of the old shops, with the untiring “zdore – the typical housewives from Romagna” who make the piada as it once was. This is the perfect place for those who love traditional flavours and those who like feeling at home.  Lella is always here waiting for you, ready to satisfy all types of taste. An event not to be missed, for those who want to indulge in a quick snack, in the name of the delicious Rimini tradition. In Rimini if you say piada, you say Lella.  

Viale Rimembranze, 74/A. Rimini
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