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La Marianna

“La Marianna” is the only trattoria in the center of Rimini that allows lovers of authentic, healthy seafood cuisine to enjoy historical and traditional recipes with a view of the two-thousand-year-old Tiberius Bridge, built by hand by the Romans just as all the ingredients of our countryside and sea are processed by hand.


As early as the beginning of the 20th century, those who entered Rimini from the north, first by horse and then by car, could not fail to notice the trattoria “La Marianna”, which offered traditional Rimini fish dishes to passers-by along the Via Emilia. Located just a few steps from the famous Tiberius Bridge, offered not only refreshments, but also accommodation on the upper floor.


MrsMarianna cooked the dishes in a small room based on what was supplied to her by the fishermen living in the nearby houses in the village. The few traditional but good-quality dishes have been served for over 100 years at “La Marianna”, which boasts of the fourth management run by Mirko Monari, Giuliano Canzian and Enrica Mancini, former owners of the nearby “Osteria de Borg” and “Ristorante dallo Zio”, who want to make “La Marianna” the old “Trattoria di mare”.

La MariannaViale Tiberio 19, Rimini – Tel. 0541/22530info@trattorialamarianna.it

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