Rimini all year round

Rimini in only 24 hours? Find out what you can do in Rimini in one single day!

The city requires much more time in order to be fully lived, and we’re sure that your day out will make you say “We definitely need to come back here!” We, in the meantime, accept the challenge, so here are our suggestions!

People who arrive in Rimini by train find themselves in front of a choice: the station is exactly midway between the sea and the city center. In less than 1 km you can reach the long Rimini beach, with its brand-new waterfront, or the city center with Piazza Tre Martiri and the ancient Roman Forum.

Discover Ariminum, the ancient Roman city with its symbolic monuments: the Arch of Augustus, a gateway and crossroad for the ancient Roman streets, and the Bridge of Tiberius, with its 2,000 years of history. Be amazed by the archeological complex of the Domus of the Surgeon, where you’ll find the world’s biggest surgical tools collection of ancient times.

The best way to visit the local museums is by purchasing the Rimini Art card, a combined ticket that will allow you to walk through all the museums at a special price: the Domus of the Surgeon, the City Museum, and the Fellini Museum which also includes the Fulgor Palace.

If you wish to discover all the treasures the city has to offer, take part in Rimini City tours, our guided tours that will take you around and make you discover Rimini’s great monuments and the historical events related to the city. Don’t miss Borgo San Giuliano -the ancient fishermen’s neighborhood is one of Rimini’s most instagrammed locations- take a walk through its streets and find out all the murals portraying Fellini’s movies and the residents of this area.

The best way to end your day is definitely a picnic close to the bridge of Tiberius. You’ll have many different menus you can choose, from a simple aperitif up to a fish-based menu.

Parco del mare
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Rimini… a day at the sea

There’s no point in hiding that… whoever chooses Rimini immediately imagines themself wearing flip-flops and summer-scented sunscreen…
We totally understand you, so here’s your day at the beach!

The sea can be easily reached on foot if you arrive by train (the station area features many parking lots), or by catching the bus. All of Northern Rimini’s beach is connected to the bus line no. 4, while Southern Rimini’s beach is connected to the bus line no.11 or the Metromare. We suggest you rent a bike, so that you can live the city like an authentic local citizen.

You can choose between going to equipped beaches and free beaches, as well as –why not?- try out a SUP or windsurf lesson, or spend a few hours on a catamaran.


The Sea