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Rimini, one day

This section is actually dedicated to all those who find themselves, in these summer months, having to spend no more than 24 hours of discovery and holiday in Rimini. One day it flies, you know… and Rimini is a city that certainly requires much more time to be cultured and lived fully. However, it is also a city that accepts the challenges… and that knows how to leave, to those who visit, always something of itself.

So, accepting the challenge, first of all on your special day Rimini will certainly not miss a beautiful morning to spend in total relaxation at the sea accompanied by the few, simple ingredients of serenity: a bed on the shore, the pampering of the sea breeze, an invigorating swim and then a lunch in one of the excellent restaurants that shore the beach Rimini. And then – since not only the sea lives man – without giving in to the flattery of an afternoon siesta (which would also fit very well in one of the many parks of the city), the suggestion is to embark on an exciting afternoon in the historic center to discover the main wonders of Roman Rimini or the Renaissance or even to enjoy a pleasant tour to discover the Urban Art.

Finally arriving in the evening (and maybe after an aperitif in the area of the cellars – Piazza Cavour and Vecchia Pescheria), the advice is to surrender to the beauty of the new Piazza sull’Acqua, where to enjoy an original and evocative nocturnal picnic based on typicality served at the foot of the bi-millennial Bridge of Tiberius.

Obviously these are just some ideas, while there are so many things you can do in Rimini. The advice then is to take a look below (among suggestions and experiences) and plan for yourself – and at best – your particular day in this city.

Un giorno da riminese, il museo Part
Rimini, one day: Travel ideas and experiences
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