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Rimini in one day: things to see and do

Let’s get straight to the point: with everything Rimini has to offer in terms of entertainment, culture, food and wine, sports, nature and relaxing experiences, holidays should never end in Rimini. If you’re in a hurry, but you don’t want to give up visiting the city during a leisure or business trip, here is a list of things to see and do during your day trip in Rimini. You’ll surely want to come back as soon as possible! 

The historic centre

Rimini is not only the capital city of seaside tourism: it is also a thousand-years old art city, with a rich architectural and cultural heritage of an illustrious past.

First of all, let’s head to the Visitor Center (corso d’Augusto 235), where Giulio Cesare himself will be your guide in a virtual tour of Rimini’s cultural beauties. You’ll learn about Rimini’s historic connection with the Adriatic Sea, you’ll “sail” across the map of Ariminum and you’ll stroll among the city’s monuments. At the Visitor Center you’ll also find VisitRimini’s tourist information office: here you can receive suggestions on the best ways to experience Rimini’s cultural attractions and more!

Visite guidate Rimini
At Visitor Center you can explore the city on a virtual tour, or plan your guided tour.

Must see monuments

The best way to see the city’s most beautiful monuments is strolling through the centre, past churches, fortresses, works of art, squares and ancient hamlets. Arch of Augustus, dating back to 27 b.c., leads to the homonymous street (the roman decumanus) that ends in piazza Tre Martiri, where you can find the remains of roman cobblestones and three contemporary historical buildings, dating to the XVI century: a memorial built to pay tribute to Giulio Cesare, the S.Antonio temple and the clock tower standing high over the square.

Piazza Cavour

As you proceed along Corso d’Augusto, you’ll reach Piazza Cavour, the city’s “living room”. Leonardo Da Vinci, upon entering this square for the first time, was left in awe by the beauty of the central fountain, “Fontana della Pigna” (“Pine cone Fountain”), as the words engraved on the monument state. In piazza Cavour you’ll also find the Pescheria Vecchia (“old fish market”), the beautiful Municipal Theatre of Rimini, Teatro Amintore Galli, the thirteenth-century Palazzo dell’Arengo and the fourteenth-century Palazzo del Podestà, two mediaeval buildings now serving as exhibition venue under the name PART (Palazzi dell’Arte Rimini). At the back of the theatre, you will discover Piazza Malatesta with the majestic Castel Sismondo, surrounded by a stretch of water. Castel Sismondo houses the Fellini museum, named after the great Rimini born director.

Rimini piazza cavour teatro galli
Piazza Cavour, Rimini’s “living room”

From Tiberius’ Bridge to borgo San Giuliano

At the end of corso d’Augusto, you’ll find Tiberius Bridge, which leads to the picturesque district of San Giuliano, a former fishing village with a wide choice of bars and restaurants. The houses’ facades are decorated with murals that draw inspiration from Federico Fellini’s filmography and Rimini’s seafaring traditions.

Malatesta Temple and Surgeon’s Domus

From Piazza Tre Martiri, you can take Via IV Novembre, overlooked by the splendid Tempio Malatestiano, the city cathedral built in 1450 by Sigismondo Malatesta, lord of Rimini. Just a few streets away, in piazza Ferrari, you’ll find the Surgeon’s Domus, a renowned archaeological site with mosaics from the Roman era. If you want to take your time to discover Rimini’s museums, we suggest purchasing a Rimini Art Card, granting access to the Surgeon’s Domus, the City Museum, PART (New Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rimini) and Fellini Museum.

business hotel a Rimini, tempo libero, Tempio Malatestiano
The Malatesta Temple, jewel in the crown of Rimini’s Renaissance heritage

Rimini’s all year round charming beach

Without its colourful umbrellas and sunbeds, the Rimini beach appears as an endless stretch of fine, golden sand. You’ll realise how huge it is by going for a walk along the shore, or the seaside promenade “Parco del Mare”, while breathing healthy iodine-rich air.

A walk along the pier

Locally known as “palata”, the pier is the perfect spot to enjoy spectacular sunsets and admire the 18th-century lighthouse standing over the canal. To get to the pier from Marina Centro, simply walk past the Parco del mare boulevard. Movie enthusiasts will remember a young and charming Alain Delon walking along the very same palata in “La prima notte di quiete”.

Rimini 365 giorni l'anno
Parco del mare, ideal for strolling and excercising all year round

Sports for all tastes

If you find yourself with some spare time, why don’t you get some exercise? You can go for a jog and train with the equipment available along the waterfront. Otherwise, you can play beach volleyball or beach tennis: courts are open all year round. As for padel courts, head to the seafront sport centre on Lungomare Tintori, in Marina Centro.

A dive into the flavours of Rimini

What better way to end your day trip than enjoying Rimini’s signature dishes and wines? For instance, you can sit on the grass and enjoy a picnic meal with typical products facing the Tiberius Bridge. Pre-order your “Tiberio Pic Nic” directly on the VisitRimini website: you can choose from a variety of menus by restaurants in Borgo San Giuliano, and you will receive a disposable picnic kit complete with placemat, cutlery and glasses. Otherwise, you can go for a delicious and traditional piadina (a sort of tortilla wrap with ham, squacquerone cheese and arugula, or anchovies), paired with a nice glass of Sangiovese or Rebola, two local excellences.

rimini ponte tiberio invaso pic nic
Tiberio Pic Nic: savour local flavours while marvelling at Tiberius Bridge. 


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