Rimini is packed with... FLAVOUR!

Rimini is an ocean of flavours straddling the sea and the hills. It is a glass of Rebola enjoyed by the sea or a delicious plate of cappelletti to warm up the autumn.

Rimini, what flavour!!

Rimini what beauty! But also Rimini what taste!

From piadina to DOC wines, from olive oil from the hills to fish from the Adriatic Sea… What taste the simple recipes for unbeatable first courses based on meat or fish.

What a taste for the many zero-kilometre products from this land, the wine cellars, fishmongers and markets with typical seasonal produce and flavours…

And what a taste to sample these goodies at one of the many events dedicated to good food and wine, from the international ice cream fair to the great Al mèni circus, which brings chefs from all over the world to Rimini every summer.


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