Things to do in Rimini, during Summer

Rather than talking about Rimini in summer, it would probably be more apt to say that Rimini IS summer. That’s right. Welcome to the Capital of Summer Tourism!

In Rimini, people often refer to summertime as “the season”. A season that sees people descend on the city and flood into bars and restaurants bursting with energy and onto beaches dotted with umbrellas. The days are hot and hundreds of young people flock to the beaches to sunbathe or take a dip in the sea to cool off.

Rimini estate, aperitivo

People spend all day playing tennis on the beach, visiting theme and water parks, and participating in internationally renowned events. In short, you really are spoiled for choice and there truly is something for everyone here. Families also love to visit at this time of year thanks to the abundance of activities taking place along the Romagnola Riviera.

And when day turns to night, the party gets started! We suggest starting the night with an aperitivo on the beach before heading to dinner, a DJ-set, a concert, an open-air cinema, a market, or perhaps to enjoy a delicious ice cream… there is literally an infinite number of things to do here in summer!

Rimini estate, tramonto