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Your holiday in southern Rimini: Bellariva, Marebello, Rivazzurra, Miramare.

Sun-kissed boys and girls dancing on the beach: it’s the colourful and festive setting of “La Dolce Vita” music video, the hit of summer 2022 by Fedez, featuring Tananai and Mara Sattei. What setting could be better than Rimini? The video was shot in Miramare, a lively and fascinating district of southern Rimini. Let’s discover Miramare and the evocatively named neighbouring districts along the southern coastline, where you’ll find many attractions and fun activities for your holiday in Rimini!


Heading south from Marina centro, Bellariva is the first district you’ll reach. It was developed at the beginning of the 20th century as a “Colonia marina” (the Italian equivalent of summer camps), as were the neighbouring areas. Colonie marine were initially intended as shoreline hydrotherapy retreats for kids (like Colonia Augusto Murri in Bellariva, named after the renowned medic from the University of Bologna), they later served the purpose of education centres. With the advent of mass tourism, Colonie marine were abandoned and remained as exhibits of Riviera romagnola’s history. They are currently involved in urban regeneration projects.

Bellariva developed around Colonie, as a lively, dynamic and young seaside town. It offers a variety of services as well as many accommodation facilities especially suited for family vacations. You’ll find lots of restaurants, bars, shops and fun activities on the beach and seafront promenade. Kids will love Skaramacai, a playground just a few steps from the sea that features a pool, trampolines and inflatables. The ideal place for birthday parties and gathering for kids.

Bellariva and the other southern Rimini districts are easily reachable from the Rimini South exit of A14 motorway.

bellariva rimini spiaggia
The beach in Bellariva is equipped with services for adults and children


Heading south from Bellariva, you’ll find Marebello, a small fraction of Rimini that, thanks to its wide beach, makes an ideal destination for young people and families with children. In Marebello you’ll find a wide range of hotels, as well as shops, minimarkets, restaurants, ice cream shops and cocktail bars to spend your nights out in good company.

A practical boulevard connects all beach establishments from Marebello to Miramare. In Marebello, a lively tourism committee will liven up the atmosphere with events and entertainment for kids and adults. Among the initiatives, the reenactment of Rimini’s maritime traditions, like “pesca alla tratta”, a trawling technique now banned. The goal of the reenactment is to preserve local custom, and everyone is invited to actively help the fishermen on the shoreline.

rievocazione pesca Rimini
“Pesca alla tratta” reenactment in Marebello


Together with Marebello, Rivazzurra has always been popular among foreign tourists. Carnaby, one of the most popular local clubs opened in 1968, has been flooded with young adults from Germany and northern Europe until the late 90’s. Today, the three story club hasn’t lost its appeal and stays true to its friendly, international and clean policy. 

Rivazzurra is the youngest coastal fraction of southern Rimini. It quickly developed in terms of tourism and hospitality, offering accommodation, restaurants, pubs, cocktail bars and entertainment for all ages. 

If you plan on visiting Rimini with your family, Fiabilandia, in Rivazzurra, is a must-visit. It’s a theme park built around a lake, surrounded by greenery, featuring fairytale themed attractions, rides, games and engaging live performances.

carnaby disco rimini
The iconic Carnaby Club in Rivazzurra


Located between Rimini and Riccione, Miramare is the most alternative among southern Rimini districts. Unsurprisingly, Fedez chose this location for “La dolce vita” music video, which was recorded right next to the former colonia “Bolognese”.

Along the fine sandy seashore, you’ll find beach establishments equipped with services for all types of customers, as well as excellent restaurants and bars. The boardwalk is locally known as “Parco del Mare sud”. The freely accessible beach in front of the old “colonie”, especially enjoyed by those looking for unconventional holiday activities.

Miramare is also recommended for open air tourism enthusiasts: besides a wide choice of hotels, you’ll find a large camping site where you can rent bungalows, park your camper or caravan and plant tents. 

An interesting fact: “Il Terzo”, located along the “statale Adriatica” state road, is an ancient milestone used by the Romans to mark the distance of 3 miles from Rimini. The upper part of the locally sourced stone is still displayed on top of a quadrangular base. 

Along the Adriatica state road you’ll also find Federico Fellini International Airport, the Rimini and San Marino airport which serves annual and seasonal domestic and international flights.

la dolce vita fedez rimini
The music video for Fedez’s “La dolce vita was” shot in Miramare


Altro Mondo studios is the club that made this fraction of southern Rimini known all over the world. It has been a symbol of Rimini’s nightlife since 1967, and it’s still one of the most popular also thanks to its laser lights and “Space fly” show in the main room.

In Miramare you’ll find many other clubs, discos, bars and arcades. Otherwise, you can head to the beach for recreational sports, or experience the thrill of a go-kart race!

Thalassotherapy in RiminiTerme

RiminiTerme is a thalassotherapy thermal complex on Miramare’s beach. In RiminiTerme you can relax in thermal pools, biomarine baths, massage cabins, saunas, and educate yourself about the treatments that best suits your wellness needs. 

Colonia Novarese, another example of the aforementioned “colonie estive”, is located in front of RiminiTerme. It was built in the 1930’s and its characteristic transatlantic-inspired structure is still intact.


rimini terme miramare
Treat yourself to thalassotherapy at RiminiTerme in Miramare!



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