Rimini is famous for... the SEA!
Rimini, the Parco del Mare

The Parco del Mare is Rimini’s new seafront, the symbol of the changing Rimini, the heart of an urban regeneration project in the name of sustainability and environmental protection.

Halfway between a jewel of sustainable town planning and a real record, given its incredible kilometre-long extension, the Parco del Mare is the intervention that most of all candidates Rimini to become one of the greenest and slowest cities on the Italian scene.

Cars and concrete have disappeared to give life to a pedestrian promenade overlooking the beach, amidst oases of greenery, bicycle lanes, inclusive play areas, an open-air gym with Technogym equipment, the Rimini Beach Court, a super-coloured basketball court.


Parco del Mare

Other kilometres to the north and south have gradually been added to the first stretch inaugurated in 2020, with free wi-fi, fitness islands, fountains and water games, special areas dedicated to sports enthusiasts, families, and children, such as the Foresta del Mare (Sea Forest),  an area inspired by Gianni Rodari’s nursery rhymes, with lighted and sounding sardines, swings, slides, boats, telescopes, strawberries, and shells.

Among the most innovative installations is the Wellness Tree: 7 metres high and located in Piazzale Kennedy, it is one of a kind, 100% sustainable and has already become the icon of the Mediterranean’s largest open-air gym.

On foot or by bicycle, the Parco del Mare allows you to safely and peacefully cross the entire length of the city, accompanied by trees, plants and the blue line of the Adriatic.

In the heart of the Parco del Mare is the Belvedere, a terrace overlooking the Park and the horizon, which, thanks to an original architectural intervention, conceals a state-of-the-art hydraulic system inside it that protects water quality and bathing.

A true green revolution, in the name of well-being and quality of life for citizens and guests.