Rimini's Beaches... comfort and beauty!

Rimini is famous for the sea because in this city all roads lead to the waterfront and its fantastic beach, which is safe, well-equipped and one of the most beautiful and appreciated seafronts in the world.

Sun, sea and Rimini

It may sound cliché… but Rimini is famous for its waterfront. And in Rimini, all roads lead to the sea, making it one of the first things people discover when visiting the city.

Rimini is the splendor that welcomes you in fine season when the beach bursts with color and life, fun and freedom. But also the poetry that embraces you in the heart of winter when walking along the shore, in an atmosphere reminiscent of Fellini, dreamy and poetic, you can tune your heartbeat to the rhythm of the waves.

Go by sea on a sailboat, perhaps for a sunset aperitif, dive into its depths discovering its mysteries and biodiversity, or watch it from on a bike riding through the Parco del mare: the Rimini sea will always give you new and beautiful surprises.

Just as you will be surprised by its very famous beach, which has always been one of the most beautiful in the world. A beach to be enjoyed from sunrise to sunset, ready to fulfill your every wish.

You can choose to spend the hours lounging on the sunbed, where the only thought is deciding between sun and shade, or split your time between a sunrise yoga class, a game of beach volleyball or beach tennis, a SUP ride, and something cool and good to drink on the seashore while waiting for the evening.

Whether you’re looking for total relaxation or your life can’t do without exercise and pure adrenaline all the time, Rimini’s sea and beach is the place to make you feel good.



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